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The application process below is designed to be mutually beneficial to us as operators of the space, and space users. Giving both parties a chance to meet everyone going into the space, to talk through your project, enterprise and ideas.  

1. Info and application Form

Have a look at the SPACES page of the website to see what spaces we have available. Download the application information here and fill out the application form by clicking here.

2. Visit the space

Come  and have a look around. The new Blue House containing studios and offices is almost ready to open, and the yard space is under construction with 9 two storey worksheds going up. Come and see for yourself & meet us at the same time. Contact 

3. Face to face interview

Don't worry! This is not supposed to be intimidating. We ask everyone the same set of simple questions that allow us to consider your proposed use of the space against a set of criteria which are important to the overall success of the project. You can download these questions and criteria here.


4. Offer of space is made

5. Lease is completed

We do not take a deposit (we think this can be a barrier to the types of businesses we want to support)

6. Move in

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